St. Andrew’s Farm-Garden


You know when people talk about “God’s time” (Kairos)?          Well this is it!

5 years ago we started a new ministries fund and it sat fallow as we listened for God’s call.
3 years ago our Rector Anne took part in food security round-table discussions with organizations in our city.
Last January, we embarked on a parish visioning process.
Last summer, Peter and Wendy joined our parish having only met our congregation
on Zoom due to covid and they offered their vocational gifts of organic farming.
In February 2021 a proposal was created for a farm-garden and…..
in the last month the Spirit has woven together beautiful, extraordinarily generous and creative people to begin this farm-garden!

We are giving fresh, organic food to food insecure households in our parish family, a group home in Rutland and to St. Michael’s Cathedral Cupboard Ministry serving the downtown area.
We are teaching and learning about sustainable growing.