Our Church hall and kitchen facilities are  available for rent to community groups. We are pleased to offer some of the most affordable rates in the Mission area and our facilities book up quickly. Please check the calendar for current bookings. All on one level the building is fully accessible.

Our main church is known for its fabulous acoustics and may be rented out for concerts. All on one level the building is fully accessible.

Our heritage church is both a place of worship and a quiet space available for personal retreat days and prayer. Kettle, tea and library provided. The building is heated but there is no running water so washroom access is in the main church next door. Accessibility ramp available. Donations welcome if you are able to make one.

Insurance Diocesan policy states that renters must purchase liability insurance at their own cost, with St Andrew’s and the Diocese of Kootenay included as named insureds and provide the Church with the Certificate of General Liability (CGL) insurance to secure the booking. If the event involves, children, vulnerable adults, or liquor liability insurance of $5M is required otherwise $2M is sufficient. Renters can provide the CGL from their own insurer or purchase insurance from AON, the Diocesan insurer from this link.

Contact our main office for bookings or more information: 250-764-2626