The Gift Farm Garden

Growing food for the Neighbourhood!
In 2022, we produced 1,700lbs of organic vegetables for those living with food insecurity
(and that was mostly leafy greens!)

We give fresh, organic food to the  St. Michael’s Cathedral Food Cupboard, group homes in Rutland, the Gospel Mission and households experiencing food insecurity.  We work together with 3 other churches in our region and community members of all faith traditions.

Here’s our story:

5 years ago we started a new ministries fund and we waited to hear God’s call.
3 years ago our Rector Anne took part in food security round-table discussions with organizations in our City.
January 2020, we embarked on a parish visioning process.
Summer 2020, Peter and Wendy joined our parish having only met our congregation on Zoom due to covid and…
by Feb 2021 they offered their vocational gifts of organic farming.
by April 2021 the Thomson Family generously offered to share their farm land with us, other farms shared plants, and 1,700 feet of volunteer installed dripline later the garden was growing! We produced 1500 lbs of food our first year,
by 2022 3 other churches  joined the farm, built raised beds and we produced 1,700lbs of food.
Every step has been an extraordinary gift!
Would you like to be part of this story?

It Takes a Valley! Our continuing thanks to:
The Thomson Family for sharing land
Peter and Wendy Southward for their time & vocational expertise
Peter Boyd, Independent Grocer
Summerland Ornamental Gardens
Molly Thurston of Pearl Agricultural Consulting
Our Core Gardening Team
Okanagan Tree Fruit Project
Irrigation Design Management and ProSource for expertise and discount
Bishop John Privett & Daniel Soroka & Rev’d Anne for installing irrigation.